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The Wildhearts rock London

The Wildhearts rock London

The Wildhearts are back! New album ‘Renaissance Men’ is an absolute rock’n’roll banger and the live show is delivered with energy and with smiles.

They may have had a rollercoaster of a career but make no mistake they are totally at the top of their game at the moment both on stage and in the studio.

Listen to the album and go see them live, you’ll not be disappointed I promise!

The whole evening was made complete by two great support acts, Towers of London and Massive Wagons.

Towers of London

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Towers of London  02.jpg

Massive Wagons

Wagons 01.jpg
Wagons 02.jpg

The Wildhearts

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Bad To The Bone at the Big Red

Bad To The Bone at the Big Red

Warning, tattooists at work!

Warning, tattooists at work!