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No Future Festival from Cardiff

No Future Festival from Cardiff

I love these punk rock all-dayers. Always a great line up and a good excuse to travel round the country.

This was certainly no exception. The Cardiff Tramshed is a great space with good lighting and sound. Throw a solid seven band lineup into the mix and you’ve got yourself a good day out.

So take a bow Criminal Mind, Vice Squad, 999, GBH, Discharge, UK Subs & Cockney Rejects, you all smashed your sets and made the large crowd happy.

Keep an eye out for No Future festivals in 2020 probably to be held in Bristol, Birmingham and Cardiff again, they’re a great day out.

Criminal Mind

1 Criminal Mind 01.jpg
1 Criminal Mind 03.jpg
1 Criminal Mind 04.jpg

Vice Squad

2 Vice Squad 01.jpg
2 Vice Squad 02.jpg
2 Vice Squad 03.jpg


3 999 01.jpg
3 999 02.jpg
3 999 03.jpg


4 GBH 01.jpg
4 GBH 03.jpg


5 Discharge 01.jpg
5 Discharge 02.jpg
5 Discharge 03.jpg

UK Subs

6 UK Subs 01.jpg
6 UK Subs 02.jpg
6 UK Subs 03.jpg

Cockney Rejects

7 Cockney Rejects 03.jpg
7 Cockney Rejects 04.jpg
7 Cockney Rejects 05.jpg
Warning, tattooists at work!

Warning, tattooists at work!

Scotland Calling 2019

Scotland Calling 2019