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London launch for outstanding new Test Dept album

London launch for outstanding new Test Dept album

‘Disturbance’ the new album from industrial pioneers Test Dept is a modern day classic, as important as 1984’s groundbreaking ‘Beating The Retreat’.

May’s Britain is as bleak and unjust today as Thatcher’s Britain was in the 80’s and Test Dept are angry about that. Angry at inequality, angry at greed, angry at how little has changed in 40 years.

There are reassuring musical throwbacks to earlier work in this album, samples and noises that are familiar to long term fans of the band. Yet, be clear, this isn’t a rehashed album. Its new, its exciting and very worth the listen.

Test Dept live is an all too rare experience but one to be grabbed and savored if you ever get the chance. Instruments are fashioned from modern day waste including tyres, corrugated iron panels and springs. A full stage cinematic backdrop and the relentless drumming makes for a epic evening.

Listen to the album and get involved with Test Dept here.

Shoutout to brilliant promoters Baba Yaga’s Hut for bringing us yet another great show.

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Poverty is a crime.
Austerity is a lie.
— Speak Truth To Power
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