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Discharge - Still Brutal, Still Brilliant.

Discharge - Still Brutal, Still Brilliant.

Discharge are, without a shadow of doubt, one of the most powerful live bands touring today. Time doesn’t slow this band down, every set is a high-speed, uncompromising, brutal attack on the senses. They really are a ‘must see’ band.

This photo-blog features two sets of live shots. First up a storming set in Newcastle at the amazing North East Calling. Secondly I tried to capture the brilliant chaos of Discharge in a small club environment, this time the legendary 100 Club as part of Resolution Festival.

North East Calling 29th September 2018

discharge 01.jpg
discharge 02.jpg
discharge 03.jpg
discharge 04.jpg
discharge 05.jpg
discharge 10.jpg
discharge 07.jpg

Resolution Festival, 100 Club, 12th January 2019

Discharge 01a.jpg
Discharge 02.jpg
Discharge 03.jpg
Discharge 07.jpg
Discharge 08.jpg
Discharge 09.jpg
Discharge 10.jpg
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