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Garry Borland tribute concert with The Godfathers

Garry Borland tribute concert with The Godfathers

In June of last year the punk scene was shocked to the core at the news of the untimely passing of Heavy Drapes vocalist Garry Borland.

The Heavy Drapes were an amazing punk rock band and Garry was truly one of the greatest front men to ever set foot on a stage. A cross between a snarling young Johnny Rotten and an attitude filled Liam Gallagher, yet he was no copy, he was 100% Garry.

heavy drapes 01.jpg

For December 2018 Peter Coyne and The Godfathers made a remarkable announcement. The two Scottish dates on their tour were to become benefit nights with all proceeds going directly to Garry’s family, and that the main support slot would be the Heavy Drapes with Peter himself filling the vocalist role.

I made it to the first of the two shows, in Edinburgh.

What an amazing evening!

Maximum respect goes to The Godfathers and particularly Peter Coyne for making this amazing evening happen, for bringing the Heavy Drapes back on stage, for joining them there and providing the vocals and for paying Garry such a moving tribute from the stage.

Heavy Drapes, you were unbelievable. Billy, Richie and Jerry you smashed it. Despite the overwhelming emotions of the evening you played out of your skins and gave us brilliant fast and furious punk rock. You did him proud.

Heavy Drapes 01.jpg
Heavy Drapes 02.jpg
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Heavy Drapes 18.jpg

Garry Alexander Borland - thanks for the music.

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