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Dour Festival 2018

Dour Festival 2018

Dour is a festival held in the French speaking part of Belgium since 1989. Whilst predominantly being a dance music festival Dour has opened its doors and ears to a wide variety of music including punk and metal.

In 2017 the festival welcomed 242,000 visitors and I would imagine that they may well have topped that figure this year. Impressively the whole festival is run with sustainability and the environment at the forefront. Recycling and waste management are in place across the whole festival making it a great site to visit despite the large numbers of visitors.

Its easy to get to within Belgium and the staff on site couldn't be more helpful. I was only able to visit this great festival for one day this year but would highly recommend it to any music lover and look forward to being there for the whole festival next year. In the meantime here's a selection of photos from Dour Thursday 2018.

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Wyatt E

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Hollie Cook

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Joey Bada$$

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Those Damn Crows & Massive Wagons from Steelhouse Festival

Those Damn Crows & Massive Wagons from Steelhouse Festival

Sunday at the Ramblin' Man Fair

Sunday at the Ramblin' Man Fair