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Dead Cross end their European tour in style

Dead Cross end their European tour in style

After almost six weeks on the road the Dead Cross European juggernaut reached the last show at Dour Festival in Belgium where they headlined the opening night on La Caverne metal stage.

This was no jaded end of tour performance but an exhibition of punk rock energy. From opener 'Seizure and Desist' to the amazing closing combo of 'Reign In Blood / Epic / Nazi Punks Fuck Off' the set was delivered at a furious tempo lead by drum god Dave Lombardo.

I was lucky enough to see three dates on this tour, in very different venues, and each time Dead Cross have delivered. This is a great live band and if they play your town go see them, you won't regret it!

So what of the future? Will the band members other projects allow more albums and tours? My fingers are firmly crossed for Dead Cross Europe 2019! See you there!

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I found the whole set from Dour Festival on YouTube, not my video, enjoy it!

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