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Landschaftspark Duisburg Nord

Landschaftspark Duisburg Nord

Having some unexpected free time on my recent trip to Germany turned into a blessing as I discovered this gem of a site to explore.

The Landschaftspark or Landscape Park is a disused ironworks, closed in the 1980's. Rather than demolish the whole polluted site it was decided to keep the industrial buildings as a living museum and then turn the grounds into a wonderful space for nature and leisure.

This first gallery are the shots I have taken of the industrial site itself. The scale of the buildings are just immense and whilst you explore you get a real feel of what a hot, noisy and dangerous place it would have been to work.

There will be a second post which will highlight the leisure and nature side of the site.

Find out more about the Landschaftspark here.

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Saturday at the Ramblin' Man Fair

Saturday at the Ramblin' Man Fair

Me And That Man at The Ramblin' Man Fair

Me And That Man at The Ramblin' Man Fair