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Dead Cross crush The Underworld

Dead Cross crush The Underworld

Dead Cross, the punk/hardcore/metal supergroup featuring Mike Patton (Faith No More), Dave Lombardo (Slayer), Mike Crain (Retox) & Justin Pearson (Retox), played a last minute show at London's legendary Underworld on Monday night.

Having played a massive festival stage at Download on Sunday you could see the band relishing the opportunity to play a small club to an eager, sold out crowd.

As the first notes were struck the crowd erupted and from that moment on it was apparent that the band were having just as much fun as the audience. Midway through the first song Mike Patton leapt into the crowd and delivered the remainder of the track crowd surfing!

The photos here are a little blurry and shaky as this snapper was in the middle of the pit with a camera strapped to my wrist! I'm amazed I got any shots and even more amazed that I still have a working camera!

The set lasted approximately an hour and featured all of the tracks from their self titled album and EP including their cover of the Bauhaus classic 'Bela Lugosi's Dead'.

At the end of the set they delivered an amazing encore. Lombardo played the drum intro to the  Slayer track 'Raining Blood' which cut into Faith No Mores 'Epic' and then into 'Nazi Punks Fuck Off'. An amazing end to an amazing show. This was a night that will go down in legend!

And I'm thrilled that I'm seeing them again in Amsterdam next month!

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