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My 5 best live shows of 2018

My 5 best live shows of 2018

I’ve been lucky enough to get to see loads of concerts again this year and I’ve loved them all. There’s nothing better than live music.

Picking a top 5 from them was a challenge but I’ve done it. So here’s the best from 2018 and really looking forward to more amazing music in 2019.

5 - Evil Blizzard @ Rebellion Festival, Blackpool

Take six masked guys, give one a keyboard, get the drummer to sing and then give the other four bass guitars. A recipe for chaos? Certainly! A recipe for great music? Guaranteed!

Evil Blizzard are a great live band. Each band member is acting out in their own style ensuring you can’t take your eyes off the stage yet musically they are totally tight. Throw into the mix the fact that their 2018 album “The Worst Show On Earth“ is one of the best albums of the year and you get a brilliant and entertaining gig. They aren’t a prolific touring band so if you get the chance to see them grab it!

4 - Amenra @ Thekla, Bristol

Belgian metal group Amenra provide an amazing live show. Their dark, haunting and uncompromising music is complimented by lights, smoke and visuals to ensure an intense live experience. Add to that the fact that this show took place on a floating boat at the awesome Thekla venue made it an incredible evening (albeit challenging to shoot!).

3 - Hung Like Hanratty @ Great British Alternative Music Festival, Skegness

Punk has a history of throwing up very humorous bands (eg Jilted John, Toy Dolls, Splodgenessabounds), and in these dark times there is a new crop of these bands providing some fun amidst the chaos.

Top of this class is Hung Like Hanratty. Short, sharp, frighteningly catchy songs delivered in a fast and furious punk rock style. The lunchtime Sunday stage slot seemed a hard one for them to fill but they smashed it, playing a brilliant set, full of props and guests, to a packed venue who loved every second of it. As a live experience there’s very few bands I would recommend more than this lot!

2 - Psychic TV @ Heaven, London

A perfect evening. A band and a crowd in total sync. Amazing visuals and lighting. Impeccable musicianship. A celebration of music, of life, of Genesis.

1 - Dead Cross @ The Underworld, London

Announced at just 24 hours notice this show took Dead Cross away from massive festival stages and put them exactly where they should be, in a small, dark, packed club. The few hundred in attendance were treated to a brilliant set of punk/metal delivered at full tempo.

I will probably never get to see or hear Dave Lombardo’s utter brilliance in such a small venue ever again or help hold up Mike Patton as he stage dived during the very first song! This was easily my show of the year and would appear in the top 5 shows of my life too!

So that’s my top 5, whats yours? Drop them into the comments below if you fancy!

Garry Borland tribute concert with The Godfathers

Garry Borland tribute concert with The Godfathers

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